Monday, April 14, 2014

Shaving Balloons

I've started trying to plan one or activities each week that I can pull out when we're having a slow morning, a rough afternoon or just when we need a distraction. They are activities I already have supplies for or which I can easily pick up with the grocery list over the weekend. 

I thought the boys would LOVE using tongue depressors to "shave" the shaving cream off of balloons as Cannon has been talking about how Daddy shaves (or doesn't) lately. However, I didn't account for Cannon's aversions to messy/slimy/weird texture things. He poked at that balloon for all of two minutes before declaring himself done. Cason last longer and seemed to enjoy it, but we are definitely still in the "prep/clean up time takes much longer than any actual activity" phase of life.
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