Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Saturday Morning Run & Photoshoot

Saturday morning runs are MY TIME. Did you read that? My time. It's my chance to get out of the house and run . . . alone . . . footloose and fancy free.

Well, of course, on this Saturday, both of the big boys were up and awake and begging to go with me. Daddy and Colt were still asleep, so I loaded them up in the double stroller, grabbed my camera and set out on a route I knew had some prime photography spots. If I was going to up with the sun and pushing over 120 lbs of children and stroller then I was going to commemorate it with some photographs.

They look all sweet and innocent, until Cannon decides to WHACK Cason with Blue Bunny or until Cason decides that JUMPING up and down would make for a better photo than simply standing in a field of flowers. 

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