Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Cason at 28 Months

Ya'll, I've kept up with monthly photos for three kids (that's 75 monthly photos since Cannon was born) and weekly photos for three kids (that's 132 weekly photos if you haven't been counting) and for the first time EVER I missed getting Cason's monthly photo. Poor second child. I have his monthly photos for the month prior and the month after, but I cannot find this one. I'm so sad. 

**I didn't record much this month for Cason.**

Weight: ~32 lbs
Height: ~35 1/2"

Clothes: He's in ALL 2T clothing now.
PJs: 2T pajamas
Shoes: Size 8

11-12 hours at night (in his big boy bed)
2-3 hours at nap time (in his crib)

Cason is still a great eater and will most anything. 

He talks all the time, about everything and incessantly, especially if you don't respond right away!

20 teeth

(nothing new)

Cason has been having major whiny meltdowns when he doesn't get his way, even over the smallest things. 

Great health this month - yea!

No new milestones this month, just lots of play time and bed time cuddles.

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