Saturday, June 21, 2014

Colt and Daddy

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Each Stiller baby gets less and less time one-on-one with Daddy. I think it's the nature of having multiple children, especially close together. When three little people all need you at the same time you have to divide and conquer.

When Cannon was born, Danny would come home from work and play with him on the floor, almost every day. When Cason was born, Danny would still come home from work and play with Cannon, because I needed a break and nursing the baby was something only I could do. Adding a third boy didn't change things too much. It's easier for me to wear Colt while Danny corrals the big boys, nurse Colt while Danny preps lunch for Cannon and Cason or put Colt to bed while Daddy gets teeth brushed. 

One day Colt will keep up with his big brothers just fine and he'll get just as much play time with Daddy. Until then I'll photograph the beard tickles and giggles every chance Colt gets to hang out with Daddy.

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