Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Best Time to Go to the Dallas Arboretum

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We love play dates. We love meeting friends at parks, splash pads, museums and homes. Cannon asks every morning where we're going and who we're going to see that day. I look forward to a little conversation with another mom who understands my crazy days. 

But sometimes we go places alone, just me and the boys, and it's a beautiful time. I actually play with them, we talk, and I get to watch them explore, be adventurous and discover life. 

We went to the Dallas Arboretum the day before school got out for the summer and it was by far the best trip to the Arboretum EVER! No one (but a few senior citizens) were there, so we had the place to ourselves. The boys ran to their hearts content and I didn't have to worry about loosing them in a crowd. Colt and I sat on the picnic blanket soaking up the sunshine and watching Cannon and Cason charge up the hill and then roll down. It was pretty much the perfect morning. 

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