Friday, September 30, 2005

NEW pictures of our apartment!

NEW pictures of our apartment are up - check the link to the right to see them! Can you tell which is our porch? Here's a closer look at the Red Neck Porch:

Things are getting settled in and unpacked. I am getting to put pictures on the wall and decorate! I'll try to get pictures of the finished apartment posted in a few days. We have visited two churches, Danny has made more sales here in two weeks than he did in a month in Austin, and I have started the interviewing process for jobs. We celebrated our one month anniversary this week and can't believe where the time goes! We are both growing to rely on the Lord more, as well as each other.

First exciting adventure in our apartment:

It was our first night - we had unpacked both cars and the HUGE U-Haul (by ourselves, up one flight of stairs) and were exhausted. We had not yet shopped for a mattress, so made plans to sleep on the floor amidst our stacks of boxes. I was already crying because I was exhausted, missed my family/friends, and nothing seemed homey (with all the unpacked boxes around). We hadn't been laying down 5 minutes (during which I was still crying) before a big, fat cockroach crawled ACROSS MY FOREHEAD, scaring us both to the point of screaming and jumping around frantically. That just made me cry harder, while Danny ferociously smooshed the crunchy roach. We BOTH then tried to squeeze onto the couch for a good night's sleep (neither of us wanting to sleep on the floor any more), but somewhere along the way I ended up pushing Danny off and he slept on the floor. Needless to say it was an interesting night and a crazy welcome to Greenville. There are more bugs here than in Texas (it's cooler!), much to my chagrin.


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