Monday, October 24, 2005

Biltmore Birthdays

For our birthdays (both of which are in November) the fabulous Reeder family gave us a two-day pass to the Biltmore House ( complete with the audio tour. Just in case you didn't know, the Biltmore is America's largest home - boasting 250 rooms, 65 bathrooms, and a ridiculously insane number of paintings, statues, stairs, and closets in Asheville, North Carolina. I'll try to condensce our two-day getaway for you and let you explore the rest of our adventure through our pictures on Shutterfly.

Danny and I took over 2 hours just to tour the four floors and basement of the house while listening to our audio tours. (Just a note - if you ever tour something like this - get the audio tour - it's a great investment as it helps you know what you're looking at!) After that we enjoyed the Fall Harvest Festivities that were ending this weekend as well. We enjoyed free wine tasting and chocolate at the winery, a cooking demonstration, blacksmithing, the gardens, and the numerous astounding views from all over the 20,000+ acres.

Here's a picture of the house:

Here's a picture Danny framed with the Camera set on the "Timer" mode:

Then here's what I shot after putting the camera on timer mode, hitting the button, and then running into place: We did this over and over again and people must have thought we were crazy - but that's okay. We had a blast.

Follow the link to the right ("All Pictures") to see pictures from the rest of our weekend!


cindy October 26, 2005 9:26 AM  

You guys look so terrific! I'm glad that you had a nice mini-vacation. (By the way... only Texans take pictures of fallen leaves! Oren and I did it, too, last fall. Since being in Kentucky, we have discovered that leaves can be red, organge, yellow and purple! AMAZING!!!)

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