Sunday, October 30, 2005

Obsession #2

As for reading: since Danny has started working at Barnes & Noble in the evenings I go there to read and spend time with him on his breaks. I should soon be awarded the most faithful . . . "visitor" award - as I am definitely not a customer! It has become my newest obsession to read books - not buy them. I have found I can devour a 400 page novel in 4 days (interspersed with magazines, journaling, and simply browsing to stretch my legs). It's like a game. Browse the store, pick up 3, 4, or 10 books, read a few chapters out of them all, choose the most interesting, and see how many days it takes to finish it.

The rules:
1. I may not buy the book
2. I may not check it out from the library to take it home
3. I can only read it when Danny is working

I'm also trying to vary my reading list, as the whole, entire bookstore is my playground! As you will see in the column to the right, I've soaked in novels, biographies (50 Cent does count as a bio), relationship/self-help, Hispanic culture, Christian literature, etc.

So, until real life kicks in somewhere down the road, I will be found pounding the pavement and perusing the pages (or maybe this is the bliss of marriage).


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