Sunday, October 30, 2005

Obsession #1

I have two new obsessions: running and reading. Well, I've always enjoying doing these things - but with extra time on my hands being a newly married wife and being supported by her newly married husband I have rediscovered some old hobbies. Danny and I set a goal to start training for a half-marathon. With Danny working two jobs (and me being only stuck with one part-time one) that left me to hold down the fort. So, run I have. Every day I grab my little mp3 player (loaded with all the great Christmas hits), my new Brooks running shoes, and the handy-dandy Pedometer (step-counter!) and head to the park. At first 3 miles was sufficient to exhaust my legs and deplete my lungs, but then something happened. I began competing with myself. If I ran the 1.5 mile lap twice last week, why couldn't I run it three times this week, or why not the 2 mile lap twice? The endorphines have become addicting and I find that I cannot stop - I run and run and run. The weather here is so great (40s at night, 50s during the day) that the cool breeze only prods me further. I figure that my body should eventually hit a wall, but until then I hit the repeat button on my mp3 player and enjoy the unlimited time counting my steps!


Miriam Smith October 31, 2005 9:09 AM  

Whoa, you got a little out of hand with the blogging this weekend! j/k glad for the update. Starbucks!? Sounds so fun! Barnes is a wonderful place with unlimited knowledge.

Sommerlovin! November 07, 2005 10:54 AM  

laura & danny!

Hi, this is Sommer (from the bus barn)! I got to this from stacy's blog. Wow, I totally forgot ya'll were getting married. Congrats! So, why south carolina? Family? Another opportunity? I'm curious.

Oh, Danny, I did decide on Public Health at A&M. I got accepted to Eastern, but for several reasons, one being a boy, I decided this program would be better for me. Anyway, I really like it.

Good luck to you both. Your life sounds like it's in a really fun stage and that makes me happy for you!

Sommer Lamkins

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