Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dinner from India

Let me tell ya'll just how small the world is. Danny and I were at Best Buy, saw a guy with a Texas A&M shirt one and to make a long story short, we said "hello" and made our first friend in South Carolina. Harry is from India and graduated this year from A&M with a masters in Industrial Engineering. He and Danny have hung out several times at Barnes & Nobles and Monday night Harry came over to cook authentic Indian food for us. Here is some of what we sampled:

Danny & Harry ready to eat!
Harry is displaying his true Aggie spirit: Gig 'em aggies!

Fried Rice with vegetables and tons of spices.

The main dish:

Hard boiled eggs in a curry gravy

The Side Dish:

Tomato/Buttermilk Salad

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