Thursday, October 12, 2006

FALLing for the East Coast

For those of you who read this blog all the way from Texas, let me tell you what it's like to experiene Autumn.

At first, I must admit, I was a little frustrated that the cool wind from the North was arriving so early in the early . . . afterall, it started back in September! This Texas couple is used to wearing shorts and driving with the windows down well into November.

By the time cold breezes make it down to Texas it's time to crank up the Christmas music. So, as odd as it may seem, those happy cds have been brought out of hibernation, already.

As I roll out of bed in the morning, trying to hold my eyes open enough to see the news on TV, Danny is rummaging around in the kitchen, grinding coffee beans, filling the coffee pot, doing all those wonderful things he does to make me a warm cup of joe every day.

I shower, dress, grab an apple, and plop down at the kitchen table to get into the Word before dealing with corporate America and snotting nosed bus riders that day. As I read Danny usually shuffles around packing his things for the day, and has his own quiet time as well.

I think if anything every happened to Danny it would be the shuffling around in the morning that I would miss. Those little things that let you know you're not alone. The whiskers on the bathroom counter. The 84 loads of laundry every week. The dirty dish in the sink - thank the Lord I have someone to dirty a dish. It could just be my filth cluttering this apartment.

Anyways, after a great start to the morning, I open the door . . . . and WHAM . . . run right back inside. It's freezing outside. The temperature has hit somewhere around the 58 degree mark.

Where's the sweaters? In the blue tupperware or the old Uhaul box? I have winter clothes somewhere. Yesterday my co-worker simply came to work wrapped in a pink and purple, crocheted afghan. If it gets much colder, which I am told it will, I will probably just have to start grabbing the comforter off the bed.

I get into my car, sip my coffee, turn the heater on my feet, and hit play on the "Christmas" playlist on the ipod. As far as I am concerned it's winter, and that warrants Christmas music.

By noon, when I get off work at BlueCross, the sun is shining and it's 75 degrees outside. I peel off the jackets I've piled on (you see they keep our building about the same temperature as I keep my fridge, so those layers remain on all morning). I roll down the windows and blast the country music as I hit the road home.

So, really, the days aren't that bad. I get my fix of Christmas bliss, complete with cold weather, and still get to wear my shorts and open the windows in the afternoon.

In Texas, you just wake up one morning and find out that your air conditioned home is warmer than it is outside. No warning. No preparation. You get caught with the winter clothes still in the attic and no hot chocolate in the pantry - only shorts and lemonade.

So, I could get use to this thing called Fall, this gradual cooling of the temperature outside. It's like a little warning system. "Winter is coming. The ice is coming. Buy firewood. Stock up on hot chocolate. Save your paycheck to buy a Christmas tree. Be ready."


Chris & Kristi October 12, 2006 12:37 PM  

It's amazing how many loads of laundry I have to do these days, and I'm convinced it's not my clothes!!

I'm so jealous of your autumn experience!

We have been having some cooler weather lately here in Texas, and our first "Cold Front" of the year is expected tonight. A high of 77 and low of 59 (for only one day of course, then back up in the 80s).

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