Monday, October 30, 2006

Our New Friends

Look what our new friends, Fabio and Kristi, have taught Danny:
Yes, this is legal.

We met Fabio and Kristi in our newlywed class and really enjoy hanging out with them. Fabio is from Brazil and he showed Danny how to drink Chimarrao. It is an herbal, green tea type drink. In the picture below you can see the green herbs packed into the cup. The cup is a dried out seed that grows in Brazil.

It is customary for Brazilians to sit in a circle and drink this. The host fills the cup with hot water and one person sips out of the straw until the liquid is gone. You are supposed to slurp loudly when you are done. The host then takes the cup, fills it with hot water, and passes it to the next person. Everyone drinks out of the same straw. Supposedly the copper tip on the straw gets so hot (from the boiling water) that it sterilizes the straw in between drinkers.

Danny and Fabio passed this cup back and forth all evening, enjoying the hot drink. it just tasted like grass to me. So, Kristi and I chowed down on pizza and coke while the boys enjoyed Chimarrao. Danny probably added tens years to his life with all the herbs, antioxidants, and other healthy vitamins he drank that night.


rachel October 30, 2006 9:24 AM  

Laura- in answer to your questions: yes, I read The Secret Life of Bees and liked it. I found it to be very entertaining--it made me want cry sometimes it was so sad, but yet it was so funny too. There were parts I could have done without (the Mary statue stuff) but it in all, I enjoyed it.

As far as the recipe club goes, you can post when you have a recipe you want to share. I don't have time (or the memory) to send reminders so I figured if we found a good recipe we thought everyone else would enjoy, we could share it. So post away and as many as you want!

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