Thursday, February 08, 2007

They Call It Wrestling

The other week Danny and I went to a local high school's wrestling match to watch two of the boys in our discipleship group compete. Now, I have never been to a wrestling match before. Call it homeschool naivity or simple "I've never wanted to watch guys in unitards roll around on the floor before." However, my first experience was quite exciting.

Our Newlywed Sunday School teachers' (Kynn & Lorie) son, Jamie, was competing, and Kynn (pictured below in the middle) told us all about the rules and regulations of wrestling.

Apparently there is rhyme, reason and strategy behind all of the rolling and grunting and pinning. There are escapes, turnovers and pins. It's crazy.

Here's Danny with Jamie (left) and Nick (right). We have the privilege of meeting and studying the Bible with them every Sunday night.

Below left is Jamie on top of his opponent, and below right is Nick waiting for the referee's whistle to start their round.


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