Friday, March 16, 2007

Girls' Nite Out

Let me brag on my mother-in-law, Lynn. She is great. She raised a great son. She reads our blog and loves our Christmas letter. She buys us shoes. She gets us cheap airline tickets. She cooks us dinner. She keeps me supplied with all the latest fashion magazines. And she loves to shop and hang out. Could it get any better?

Our latest hang-out was at T.A.G. (Touching Another Generation) put on by the Women's Ministry at Shandon Bapitst Church. This is one of the perks of going to a big church - all the activities/ministries they have going on. We enjoyed fellowship in the home of a fellow member of Shandon, ate delicious salads and desserts that all the women brought, participated in a short Bible study, wrote letters to missionaries who are supported by Shandon, and met other women who also live in Northeast Columbia. It was a fabulous girls' night out!


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