Monday, August 20, 2007

Heads Carolina - Tails Dallas, Texas

You will see our move in pictures on the left.

Watch as the uhaul fills up.

I can't believe we had so much stuff or such good helpers.

Moving to Texas has been quite the adventure for us.

First off, we rented the biggest truck that Uhaul had. You'll never believe all of the STUFF Danny and I had squeezed into a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment.

My younger, but bigger, brothers, Matthew & Jonathan flew out to South Carolina to help us move. We could not have done it without them. And I stayed a "happy" wife not having to life couches, dressers, tables, etc.

We packed everything up in one day, spent the night at Lynn's house, and then took off early Thursday morning for our cross country road trip.

We split the drive up into two days, and rolled into Dallas around noon on the second day, Friday.

Our plans for this move included a GREAT second interview with an apartment complex for Apartment Life, quick acceptance to be a Cares Teams, and an apartment that would be ready for us to move into with a few days.

However, the Lord definitely had other plans for us.

We interviewed with a beautiful apartment complex in downtown Dallas, and after several conversations and a series of crazy events, we were turned down. Basically, our schedule for this fall semester was not going to be condusive to serving residents as a Cares Team. Danny is working nights, I'm working days, and that equals too busy for anything else.

So, humbled by rejection and a little bit frantic because we didn't have a solid back-up plan we hit the Dallas streets with an Apartment Finder as our guide.

Twelve apartments later, hungry and very tired, we had found an apartment, but it wasn't going to be ready for two weeks. Two weeks was not even in my time frame for moving. In my mind, I should be unpacked and settled in two weeks - not just unloading the uhaul.

And so the Lord shows us that His plans are better than our plans.

And, thankfully He provided for us to stay with my parents. For two weeks I shared a bathroom with three boys. Three boys who work washing windows, laying truck-bed liners, and in a maching shop. Three boys who leave a distugusting film of dirt in the tub every time they shower. I'm just needing some sympathy ya'll.

We also had two weeks of eating my Mom's delicious cooking; two weeks of showing Danny my childhood neighborhood, memories, and hang outs; two weeks of free rent; and two weeks of visiting with my family.

The Lord also provided a great peace that Apartment Life would have been too much for us. We were just too stubborn and prideful to admit that we couldn't "do it all." However, we are glad that we can adjust to seminary, our new jobs, and Dallas in general without the pressure of planning weekly events for our apartment complex.

And so, the move went something like this:

1. Pack everything into a Uhaul in South Carolina.

2. Unpack everything from the Uhaul to a storage unit in Plano, Texas.

3. Pack everything BACK into a uhaul in Plano.

4. Unpack everything into our apartment in Dallas.

My Dad and brothers helped with it all. They will never want to move again. Danny and I have probably single-handedly cured any of my family's desires to move.

Danny and I both started our jobs on August 6th. He is working at UPS and I am working Voice of Hope Ministries. We finally moved into our apartment just east of downtown Dallas on August 11th.

Boxes still have not been unpacked.

We have been to Ikea three times in the last week. Danny went with me all three times. Dad calls that "cruel and unusual punishment." I call that "my husband loves me."

We have sold our washer and dryer, and I will get to experience the apartment's laundry room for the first time tonight.

We had our first guest over with 24 hours of moving in. Danny calls that "being real" with our friends. We had great conversation while sitting amongst the boxes.

And, that is the beginning of Dallas for us. How great that we had to hit the ground running trusting that the Lord would provide a home for us. I am sure it won't be the first time He changes our plans and causes us to trust Him over the next four years.

Stay tuned for the adventure.

Click here for all of the pictures.


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