Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reeder Brothers

Let me show you how cool my brothers are - because I'm the big sister and I can - and because they don't bother to blog about their fun adventures.

Both are scuba certified and decided they needed to road trip it out to California because scuba diving in the Pacific is WAY cooler than scuba diving in the Gulf.

They planned out stops (including our old vacation spot: Monahans Sands Dunes that our family use to stop at on the way to visiting grandparents in Arizona).

(Joey at Monahans Sand Dunes)(Matthew at Monahans Sand Dunes)
They drove by our Dad's old home in Gila Bend, Arizona, visited mumified frogs in museums, took pictures of meteor craters, stayed in campgrounds with wi-fi and cable tv, visited family, and ate dinner on the edge of canyons.

(Joey at the canyon)
They also slept on the beach, which Jonathan decided was too sandy.

(Joey, after sleeping on the beach) And finally, they spent several days in California, bashing around San Diego, playing in the water, and traversing into Mexico (hoping they could get back into the country WITHOUT their passports!).

(Joey on the left, Matt on the right)(Matt on the left, Joey on the right) They made it home without killing each other. And so, Danny and I decided that we needed to plan a road trip to the west coast (we've already completed our east coast tour) and until then we are living vicariously through their pictures.

(Matt trying to ride a wheel-less skateboard down the dunes)


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