Monday, August 06, 2007

The Moving Truck

Can you believe that we had enough stuff squeezed into our two bedroom, 900 sq. ft. apartment that we needed to rent the biggest truck uhaul had to offer?

This is 26 feet of empty space that we were about to fill up. You will never believe the transformation.

Everything we own was boxed up, and two weeks later it is still boxed up. More to come on the stories of the move.

Matthew's fabulous organization and packing ability used every ounce of space avialable.

And this was the final product. Yes, that is a motorcyle. In fact, that is the same motorcycle that Danny bough before we got married that we have totated from Texas to Greenville to Columbia and now back to Texas. And it still doesn't run. Matthew coerced us into bringing back with us so he could have it and work on it. Mom had a nice surprise waiting for her when we opened that uhaul truck up and out rolled Matthew on his very own motorcycle.

Here we are, outside Lynn's (Danny's mom's) house the morning we left for Texas.

Could it get any bigger? We are getting rid of stuff as you read this. We are cleaning out. Two people should not be allowed to have this much STUFF!


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