Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kickball DTS Style

Danny and I are apart of a Spiritual Formations (SF) group at DTS. We meet with four other couples every Sunday for food and fellowship (and some discussion of the book/scriptures we're reading).

Last week our SF group challenged another SF group to kickball and ultimate frisbee. It was a fabulous combination/flashback of first grade and college. We lost the kickball game - blaming it on two of our couples being MIA, but won the ultimate frisbee.

It was a beautiful Texas fall day to be outside. Here are some pictures, courtesy of Joey & Jenna, of the SF Challenge.

Danny Going Up To BatDanny Cheering Me On:

Our Happy SF Group (minus Casey & Rachael, Josh & Laura):

Our Sad SF Group After Losing: Our Kissy SF Group: The Enemy . . . I Mean Other DTS Students & Their Wives:


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