Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Stillers Go Shopping

Danny and I had an unusual weekend off of all extracurricular activites. No DTS meetings or orientations, no planned kickball games, no travelling, no visitors, NOTHING.

I was looking forward to that "NOTHINGNESS" more than I look forward to pulling out my Christmas music each year.

Well, we couldn't exactly handle doing NOTHING all day, so we went shopping.

I'm sure it was Danny's favorite way to spend a completely free Saturday. But, he loves me . . . ALOT, and I pacify him by playing fashion show with each outfit I've taken to the dressing room. Besides, he's got more taste in fashion than he knows what to do with and often has better fashion sense than me. I love being the benefactor of his trendy, New York heritage.

We went to Mesquite, downtown, northeast Dallas, and basically all over the place. We drove wherever we felt like it. It was bliss - when I don't think about how much we probably spent in gasoline.

We started out the day watching my brother play junior college baseball. He hit a homerun on errors, and we embarrassed him by yelling too much. It was fabulous.

Then we test drove a Toyota Tundra (I just lost a few "cool sister" points from Matthew, the Ford Fan) and walked away with a $75 restaurant gift card. It was a successful 30 minutes.

Then the shopping madness began.

Town East Mall (wonderfully ghetto), Kohls, Dillards, New York and Company, Gap and more.

We also hit up REI, and it was then that I discovered that Danny wants to build a kayak. Did you read that? He wants to BUILD a kayak. As in with his bare hands and some tools. And I thought that staining a coffee table on our little apartment front step was impressive. This man will never cease to amaze me.

After REI, Danny had his first ever Sam Moon shopping experience. I got a thrill out of being the one to unveil such a wonderful piece of Dallas to him for the first time.

"What's Sam Moon?" Danny asked on our way there.

"Only the coolest store/shopping center EVER. It's like the China Town of Dallas. My girlfriends and I shopped here religiously in high school/college. You can't LIVE without jewelry from Sam Moon." I explain.

We walk in and all he could say was "Wow," while I plotted out our plan of attack:

Hit the outside walls first then snake our way through each aisle.

I'm sure Danny was wanting to gag at this point.

Halfway through the store (he was patiently pointing out a few necklaces he liked . . . what a good husband) we had to pause for a break.

"Stop and listen," Danny said.

"Okay, what am I listening for?"

"It was nice and peaceful outside, and now listen to all these women chattering, talking, and buying stuff."

"Yea? So?" I ask.

"It's like someone just poked an anthill."

I about fell out. Shopping women, ants in an anthill - all one and the same to one very patient, loving, and shopped out husband.

All-in-all I came home with a new dress for my mother-in-law's wedding, two new knit tops, and a knit top/dress with leggings. Yes, now that the legging trend is just about over, I've finally got a pair for the days I want 4th grade flashbacks of pink leggings under turquoise skirts.

It was a good Saturday.

Now, my usually-fashionably-vocal husband is studying for a Greek test and every time I ask him, "Do I look good in this?" I get a eyes-glazed-over nod of the head.

And, I can no long drive over to my New York-trendy mother-in-laws house to model clothes for her.

So, I'm begging for all the fashion-experts' advise:

Can I wear this dress to a wedding on December 30 in New York?

Maybe if I throw a brown sweater/shawl over the shoulder?

Is it too summery?

And, here's the dilemma of the week:

Black ballet flats with the new leggings outfit?
Or black and white polka dot ballet flats with the new leggings outfit. For some reason the polka dots make me a feel a little too 1988.

Give a girl some advice!


alisha November 08, 2007 2:31 PM  

I think the dress may be too summery for a winter wedding in New York, but i definitely like it!

and i think you could do either pair of flats depending on your mood.

glad to hear things are well in dallas!

Jenna November 09, 2007 8:25 AM  

First of all, kudos to you for rocking the leggings look. I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to do that so points for the cute outfit. Oh, and I like the black flats best.

Also, Ann Taylor Loft has some cute shrugs this winter, they've got a 1 inch solid satin ribbon trim around the edges. They're probably $50 and I'm not sure if they have brown, but it may be worth a shot.

Cute dress, though!

Kat November 16, 2007 6:25 AM  

I like the dress alot and I think its actually perfect for a winter wedding. The lace makes it more of a winter look. I would add a brown shrug and keep it really simple as far as shoes and accessories. I love the new leggings look and you can tell people its still all the rage in London. I would go with the black flats.

Anonymous November 17, 2007 2:42 PM  

Hi from the Stueve's! I love the dress and I think a brown pashmina or
shawl would look lovely with it.
I too love the leggings and dress, but I'm more partial to the polka dot flats when you want to be quirky and fun and then do the black flats when you feel more conservative! I love polka dots so much that before they were all the rage, I took a black pair of sling backs from wal-mart and colored white dots all over them with a paint pen! I knew my outfit needed dots! So much fun!!

Have fun!
Angie Stueve

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