Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Stiller Q&A

Baby Stiller looking like a gummi bear. (Taken at 8 weeks, he/she has since doubled in size)

Okay, so there have been some questions floating around since introducing the soon-to-be newest member of the Stiller Family.

In short, here's our answers.

ARE YOU CRAZY for running a marathon pregnant? Is that even safe?

Yes, I knew that I was 9-weeks pregnant at the time of the marathon. The minute we saw that positive plus sign on the home pregnancy test I called my doctor and asked about the marathon - secretly hoping he'd say I shouldn't run in it. Common - when you're running 21 miles on Saturdays you'll start looking for crazy excuses to get out of training too! He said with good hydration and attention to my heartrate that running a marathon was fine. He even suggested/encouraged me to KEEP running throughout my pregnancy - apparently I'm going to need a little thing called "endurance" come July.

What is the plan for finishing seminary now that there's a baby in the picture?

Danny is going to slow down his classes at DTS and work full-time. He's currently in the market for a job and he's not picky - so hook us up!

Where you trying to get pregnant?

It's funny because I relaly don't think this matters but everyone asks it. The answer is "No." This just might be the best surprise of my life.

How have you been feeling?

I've actually felt pretty good. No real morning sickness for me. Then again, I refuse to throw up - EVER - even if I have the stomach flu. I've just been queasy (eating/snacking curbs this), gassy, bloating, tired and emotional. Sheesh, after typing that out maybe you should ask how Danny's doing - he is the one that's had to live with me in this state.

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?

Yes, I have won Danny over to the dark side. He really wanted to be "surprised" at the birth of our child, so I simply agreed that we should be be surprised . . . at 20-weeks.  He finally gave in, so now I can buy clothes and knock out half of the names we're throwing around.
Do you have a name picked out? Will you tell us?

Not yet. Probably. :-)

Baby Stiller looking like a baby blob. (Again, taken at 8 weeks)

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