Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Announement - Part 1

What is that? You wanted to know how we finally told our families we were pregnant?

I thought you'd never ask.

Well, the first step was to run a marathon and to throw them off completely!

The second step was to plan a "Marathon Celebration Dinner" the night after the marathon.

The final step was to call Lynn (Danny's Mom) every day and BEG her to come in town for the White Rock Marathon. We made her think it was the biggest deal in the world that she be there to cheer us on. She came.

Once everyone had been seated and had ordered food at Main Street Cafe and Bistro in Plano, we told them we had an early Christmas surprise for them that just couldn't wait until Christmas.

We then gave them envelopes. Inside the envelopes were Christmas cards that said, "Unfortunately, your gift will not arrive in time for Christmas, but open the envelope for a sneak peek."

There was another, smaller envelope/card for them to open. On the outside of this card, everyone saw, "Arriving July 13, 2010 . . ."

It was at this point that Jonathan thought it was pretty stupid for us to be giving everyone a gift that wouldn't even arrive to July. Once Lynn saw July 13 she knew exactly what was going on.

On the inside of the card was our very first sonogram picture.

Within 30 seconds the Mom's were screaming, Dad was speechless and the entire restaurant knew we were having a baby in July.

It was priceless.

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