Friday, February 05, 2010

Baby Names

I never knew what a chore it was naming a child until about six weeks ago.

Everyone has an opinion, and my opinion - well, it had better be worthy of the next 80 years because there's a chance that's how long my child will need their little name. The weight of this responsibility is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

So, in an attempt to know all of our "options" before we make a final decision, Danny and I have spent several evenings poring over baby name books at Barnes and Noble or checking out 20,000 baby names from the local library.

However, options are not are problem. There are more than enough options.

We both decided that we could name 50 kids if it weren't for each other.

We've also decided that we need to have about 15 kids in order to use all of our favorite names before we die.

See - this is HARD!

Just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with, let me give you a sampling of our baby name lists.

**VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We have not decided on a name yet and just because we share it below doesn't mean that we won't both change our minds 10 more times between now and July. So, if you feel strongly against one of our names, well, just make a mental note not to use that on your own child. It's amazing the things people will tell you when you share a baby name that you like!**

According to the Baby Name Wizard (which I have found is one of my favorite baby name resources), Danny likes names from the "Ladies & Gentlemen" or "Welcome Back 1900s" catagorie. His list of baby names includes the likes of Amelia, Cora, Matilda, Vera. His self-proclaimed "name style" are "vintage names that make him think of pink polka dots."

Okay, on the other hand, for boys he goes even more vintage; he prefers Biblical names like Beniah, Jeremiah, Amos and Titus. Don't worry, I've already nixed Beniah. I refuse to give birth to Ben Stiller.

Go head, think about that. I'll give you a minute to let Zoolander pop into your head. Got it, okay. Moving on.

I, on the other hand, apparently like names that fall in the "Little Darling" catagory. Names like Zoey, Everly, Shiloh, Kiva, Jada and Eden make reoccuring appearances on my lists.

For boys I prefer English or Irish surnames that tend to fall in the "-en" ending group. Samples of these include: Cullen, Kieran, Camden, Ashton, and Mason.

Do you see our problem? No two names fall on both of our lists . . . yet.

So, if you have a way to cleverly combine Jeremiah and Cullen and keep us both happy (and no, Jeremiah Cullen Stiller is NOT an option) - I'd be forever indebted. Until then I have more baby name books to check out from the library.

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