Thursday, February 04, 2010

GTD Goals 2010

Remember how I said that I save blogs in my Google Reader either just for future reference or because I want to take action on them - my GTD list? Well, for my own accountability and remembering here it is. You may find this totally boring - or maybe you'll find something you want to try out too!

GTD: Blogging
  1. Integrate Amazon Associates & Blogger
  2. Maximize AdSense w/ channels
  3. Blog about freezer cooking
  4. Blog about two-week menu plans
  5. Improve Alexa rank
  6. Improve blogging time management
  7. Install popular posts gadget
  8. Install recent posts thumbnails
  9. Add "tweet this" to blogger template
  10. Add rotating banners
  11. Add widget. Add SocialFeed widget
  12. Add GoogleTalk to blog
GTD: Budgeting
  1. Try out BudgetSketch
  2. Analyze monthly food budget
  3. Optimize cell phone bill
  4. Try out Rudder
GTD: Computer
  1. Turn Gmail into the Ultimate GTD Inbox
  2. Back up online accounts (including Gmail to hard drive)
  3. Start online back up  for extern hard drive (Mozy/Carbonite/Crash Plan)
  4. Make sure iTunes is set up to store to external hard drive
  5. Speed up Mac
GTD: Couponing
  1. Update 2010 Savings Tracker spreadsheat & blog about it
GTD: Life
  1. Set a date w/ Danny to set up a will
  2. Compare insurance companies
  3. Negotiate car insurance
  4. Read about insurance premiums
GTD: Music
  1. Organize mp3 tags w/ MediaMonkey
  2. Organized iTunes w/ Pollux
  3. Stream iTunes using PulpTunes
GTD: Organization
  1. Going Paperless
  2. Create a Big Book of Everything to organize personal information
  3. Organize all manuals online
  4. Create a DIY phone charging station
  5. Try out Tarpipe (to update social media)
  6. Try out Springpad (to organize personal information)
GTD: Photography
  1. Learn Back-button Focusing
  2. Practice Metering
  3. Adjust RAW -> JPEG conversion in my camera
  4. Study aperture
  5. Understand camera lenses and here
  6. Try adding in the sun
  7. Practice changing to B&W w/o an action
  8. Focusing
GTD: Photoshop
  1. Learn Photoshop shortcuts
  2. Learn to create blog layouts
  3. Try using textures
That should be 46 GTD done items. And, considering we're five weeks into the year I'm right on track to do one item per week. Here we go getting things done!

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