Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Stiller - Week 20

We are halfway to meeting our baby! Danny had a dream last night that it was a little boy, but we'll find out for sure next Monday, March 1.

Either way he/she is about the size of a small cantelope and weights about 10 oz. It certainly feels more like a bowling ball than 10 oz - especially when I run (which I'm doing less and less frequently).

I felt Baby move for the first time on Valentine's Day (we're blaming all the holiday chocolate I ate) and I feel him/her at least once a day now - just a litte tickle/vibration around my belly button.

Pants are now tight and I'm at the wonderful stage of being in between normal clothes and maternity clothes. Hair bands and Bella bands to the rescue!

Week 20 FINAL

Much thanks to Vanessa for the baby belly photo idea and the photoshop tips!

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