Friday, April 16, 2010

The Name Game Continues

Just thought I'd give you an update because everyone always asks if we've decided on a name yet . . . we haven't.

We have narrowed it to our top five favorites. That means that since we told you our favorite boy names we've ruled out one name every week. So, give us another month and we might just be down to THE ONE!

That will leave us eight weeks to find a middle name. This might be more exhausting than registering at Buy Buy Baby - who knew looking at hooded towels and fitted sheets could wipe you out!?

Oh, don't ask me why this is so difficult for me. Lindsey could testify to the fact that we use to spend countless Saturdays coming up with lists of baby names (for our baby dolls . . . duh), so I thought the real deal would be even better/easier/more fun. Nope, it's just more permanent.

So, the final five are:


We're down to two actors, one book of the Bible, one missionary, one inanimate object and two Hendrick boys. (Initially, unintentionally, but so coincidentally, we had all four of the Hendrick's boys names on our list - Anson, Ashton, Hayden & Hudson. Really, what are the odds - we have fabulous taste!)

Danny's reigning and consistent favorite is Hudson, while I can't let go of Cannon. And yes, I've thought of the copy machine, my camera, the big/loud gun, etc. I STILL LIKE IT! It packs a punch and somehow, between Danny's personality and the way this kid wiggles and moves inside, I don't think it'll be a far cry from accurate.

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