Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Date Night: Labor & Delivery Survival Kit

I've been told I'm over the top - I take that to mean we're doing crazy preparation for the birth of Baby Boy in July. But, I figure if we're having fun, then over the top we'll go.

In our Bradley childbirth class we learned tons of various techniques on coping with and getting through childbirth and labor. 

So, in preparation of looming birthday of our son we spent a date night scavenging the city for all of our "laboring" supplies.

We had more fun checking items off the list, dreaming of Baby's arrival, and ending the night gathering honey packets (for energy during labor) and eating ice cream.  


Most of our items are pictured below. 


Things Pictured:

  • rice socks (to be heated and used as heating pads)
  • ice bottles
  • exercise/birthing ball
  • yoga mat
  • massager
  • ipod & dock
  • lavender oil (for relaxation)
  • honey packets (for energy)
  • Luna/Clif bars
  • graham crackers
  • cheese crackers
  • Wheat Thins
  • jello cups
  • chocolate
  • nuts
  • gatorade
  • juice
  • Dr. Pepper (for Danny)
Things Not Pictured:
  • rebozo
  • dvds (most likely Friends & Gilmore Girls)
  • massage oil
  • lotion
  • grapes/fruit
  • Danny's snacks ( trail mix, Wasabi peas, Australian licorice, dried fruit)
  • pillows
  • list of visualizations scripts for relaxation (see a sample here)
  • list of ways to naturally induce labor
  • list of positions/techniques (I gathered this list from books I read, if you're interested in seeing it let me know!)

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