Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nursery Corner: DIY Crib

**UPDATE: Danny reminded me that the cribs are two different shades of gray below because in the first few pictures only the primer has been painted onto the crib. Okaydokey - blame that one on the pregnancy/newborn brain!**

Okay, remember the DIY Dresser/Changing Table makeover?

Here it is again, almost ready to be used, in case you forgot about our cool gray and yellow theme:


Well, we couldn't stop there, so we also decided to revamp my crib that my parents bought 28 years ago. (And, yes, we made sure everything complied with all safety regulations.)

We did our research and found lead-free, completely safe paint, Danny bought a paint sprayer and went to town . . . in our bedroom.

I received the following picture in my inbox at work one day and almost had a conniption.

crib revamp-2497

Yes, that is our bedroom, and yes, I'm stilling finding small splotches of gray paint on random things (the carpet, our bedspread, the wall, etc.) Oh well, the price you pay for not having a garage.

crib revamp-2513

Here are the finished parts and pieces:

crib revamp-2075

crib revamp-2074

And here is the finished product (somehow I did a bad job of editing and the shades of gray look very different from the above pictures and the below pictures, so you'll just have to stop by in person to see what shade it really is!)



The crib and the dresser together with a few yellow pieces of fabric thrown in. Just wait until you see the  final product - the yellow bumpers add such a fun pop!



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