Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nursery Corner: The Yellow & Gray Nursery FINISHED

I'm finally bringing you the finished product after our gray/yellow nursery brainstorm, our dresser/changing table revamp and our crib overhaul.

To finalize our nursery corner our friend, Stephanie, made us bumper pads, a crib skirt and more accessories than we ever expected. Her handiwork was the icing on the cake for our nursery - it made everything warm and cozy and topped off our yellow and gray nursery corner perfectly.

We were THRILLED to receive her boxes to see what she had put together with the fabric we had sent her.



The nursing corner:


Steph made the blanket, the pillows and the custom arm chair covers (specially requested by me to protect our glider).


Drumroll please . . . will you look at this!




She even made a custom lampshade for our dresser/changing table:


We topped off the nursery corner with Cannon's name in letters above his crib. We simply bought wooden letters from Michaels, painted them with the same gray painted we used on the crib and then Modge Podged  different gray scrapbook paper on top.



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