Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Really Needed to Have a Baby at a Hospital

Several of ya'll laughed at my over-preparedness in getting ready to have a baby. So, I'l just cut to the chase and say, "Yes, you were right in that I didn't need every single thing in my hospital bag."

What did I really need you ask?

  • Nursing tanks, shorts & yoga pants - that's all I wore for several weeks, not just at the hospital.
  • Lanolin - a new mom's BEST FRIEND!
  • My Brest Friend nursing pillow - no matter how many hospital pillows I'd try to prop up  Cannon would always slip and slide everywhere until my Mom showed up with the My Brest Friend (which, I'll just say was named by a man sitting in some room plotting what he could name that pillow that would make a girl blush the most to say!)
  • Onesies for Cannon - sometimes I just got tired of tugging down his little hospital shirt because shirts never stay in place on babies.
  • My pillow
  • My towel - Kristen was right, hospital towels are miniature, and I was so glad to have my own.
  • Mints - for those middle of the night feedings where I couldn't stand my own middle-of-the-night breath and they also helped keep my droopy eyes open through feedings.
  • Chapstick - I'm addicted to it, what can I say?
  • Snacks - room service food was actually great, but I was hungry ALL the TIME!
  • Depends - yes, I'll say, no one should have to wear that weird mesh hospital underwear, so thank you to all the friends who said to bring Depends.
What do I wish I had packed but didn't?
  • Nursing pads - yes, it was on the list, but the kind lady at the little boutique where I bought my nursing tanks said I wouldn't need nursing pads for several days so there was no need to take them to the hospital. Uh, obviously she (nor I ) knew that lanolin stains your clothing. 
And what about the rest of that stuff on my hospital packing list? It just stayed in our bags and got unpacked and put away when we got home. Who needs Gilmore Girls or card games when you have a new baby to stare at?

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