Monday, September 06, 2010

Entertaining a Newborn

No one ever told me how much work it is entertaining a newborn. Their attention spans are about 27 second long!

When Cannon first started waking up and actually opening his eyes at about two weeks old, I had no idea what to do with him other than hold him. It only took a few days of that before Cannon was bored right out of his mind. And he let me know.

So I started asking around, Googling a few things, and wha-la - here's how Cannon and I spend our days:

Cannon and I take daily walks in his jogging stroller. He's staying awake more and more and I love showing him the trees and the chirping birds.

Baby Massage
My favorite book on baby massage came from the public library. It was a simple and relaxing routine we often did with olive oil before bath time.

Mommy & Baby Exercises
You can find lots of ideas of exercises to do with your baby just by googling, but typically I just do lots of squats, lunges, and crunches. It's great to exercise with Cannon when he's a little fussy because it distracts him and the jostling usually brings him out of his funk.

Taking Baths
Cannon LOVES baths. He just sits and stares at me in the mirror. I can't wait until he learns to splash the water.

Did you know Pandora has a lullaby station?  I didn't either! It's great. It reminds me of all the nursery rhymes and childhood songs I've forgotten.

Reading Books
You can see all the books Cannon and I are reading here on his Shelfari.

Cannon LOVES staring at black and white books.

And then there are a few books that I just like to read to him. He listens fairly well to short stories that rhyme.

And then there's this book of smiling and crying baby faces that just makes me smile and entertains Cannon for minutes on end.

And that is Cannon's daily schedule. 

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