Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sherry's Last Six Weeks Tea

Remember that AWESOME Sherry's Last Six Weeks Tea I talked about in Cannon's birth story?  I really think I made it to 3 cm and 60% effaced before even going in to labor because of that tea. I also think that I've had an overabundant milk supply because of that tea. I took it faithfully four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime) starting six weeks before Cannon's due date.

I also took Sherry's 5W capsules, which contained herbs too bitter to put into a tea. I started taking those five weeks before Cannon's due date, one capsule with each cup of tea (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime).  Three weeks before Cannon's due date I upped the capsule dosage to two capsules four times a day.

Five days before his due date Cannon arrived. After only eight hours of labor. Think what you will, but I hate to imagine what my labor would have been like had I not taken that tea.  Let's just say I'm thankful I don't have 36 hours of pain to write about in a birth story.

Many of you have asked where you can get this magical tea.  You have to order it through Sherry herself. I have phone numbers for her cell, her home and her store front, but don't feel comfortable putting them on the internet for all to see. So, if you'd like to contact her to purchase this tea for yourself, send me an email and I'll get you in touch with her.

She is the nicest midwife I've ever met. After a 10 minutes phone conversation, she was telling me to call her when I went into labor if I had any questions. I raved about her to Danny, and he was ready to fly her in for our birth!

If I remember correctly the tea was about $18 and the capsules were about $25. I still have TONS of loose leaf tea leftover, so it will be enough to last at least another pregnancy. Completely worth the investment in my opinion.

If you're interested, here are the ingredients and descriptions that came with the tea.

Red Raspberry Leaves: High in vitamins and minerals, particularly high in calcium. Citrate of iron content is the active blood-making, astringent and contractive agent; strengthens the walls of the uterus, quiets premature contractions and produces safe, speedy and easier delivery. Counteracts nausea, enriches the milk, and checks hemorrhage.

Squaw Vine: Uterine tonic making childbirth safe and easier; helps water retention and bladder infections; helps prevent miscarriage and vaginal discharge; a good female regulator.

Shepherd's Purse: High in vitamin C and K for blood clotting; prevents hemorrhage and profuse menstruation.

Spikenard Root: Old Indian remedy to make childbirth easy and shortens labor; excellent blood purifier; uterine tonic and eases backache.

Nettle: High in iron, silicon and potassium; prevents anemia and bleeding; blood purifier.

Comfrey Leaves: Healing and soothing effect on all organs; aids in digestion by promoting pepsin secretion; regulates blood sugar; prevents and checks hemorrhage.

Alfalfa Leaves: Contains protein, high in vitamins and minerals; particularly high in iron and calcium; blood purifier; high in vitamin K which helps the blood clotting factor; helps prevent anemia and is useful in reducing fever; contains all eight essential amino acids.

Blessed Thistle: Increases and enriches milk supply; aids circulation and prevents painful menstruation by regulating hormones; soothes the heart and stomach.

Peach Leaves: Effective for nausea and morning sickness; natural diuretic; soothes nerves and helps uterine and bladder problems; mild laxative.

Peppermint Leaves: Allays nausea and vomiting; relieves cramping and gas pains; relieves headaches and restlessness; TASTES GOOD!

Recommended Use:

Drink four cups daily: before meals and at bedtime. Use 1 tsp of tea per cup of boiling water. Steep 20 minutes, strain and add honey or lemon if desired. (Conversion: I put 3 tbsp in 8 cups boiling water. After steeping 20 minutes I strained and added 8 more cups of water. I put the tea in the fridge and it lasted me 5-6 days.)

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