Thursday, September 01, 2011

3-in-30 Aug/Sept

3in30 Challenge

New Goals for September:

  1. Scan the darn papers in the office. Can you tell I keep putting this off? It's been on the 3-in-30 list THREE TIMES! Let September be the month of organizing the paper clutter. PLEASE!
  2. Print copies of our wills. We pretty much have these finished, so I'd like to tie up all loose ends before Little Brother gets here.
  3. Create a control binder with all of our important information in one spot - something like, but that's a little more customizable.

August Goals Recap:

  1. Obviously I failed at my first goal - so, moving on.
  2. I sold the books at Half Price Books because most of them were going for pennies on Ebay and other websites I checked.
  3. I now only have bookmarks on Delicious and Pinterest. I'd still like to spend some time organizing them but at least everything's in two spots.

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