Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our Family This Month (August 2011)

I feel like the only news to report for the month of August is that it was HOT - HOT - HOT - did you hear me? - HOT here in Texas. That seems to be the only thing I can remember when I reflect back, but thanks to my trusty little notes in my Google Calendar I can tell you more exciting tidbits.

Cannon started "preschool" this month. My friend, Chelsea, and I have been co-brainstorming age-appropriate preschool activities for the entire year with a different theme every month. It was "farm" month, so every week three friends came over and we read books and did activities about farm animals. I use the term "preschool" very loosely, as most of the time the kids just crawled around and threw plastic animals, but messes are always more fun with friends, so I enjoyed the company. We ended the month with a trip to a small local farm, and Cannon thought it was the best thing ever feeding the goats and petting the ponies.

We had our 20-week sonogram for  Baby #2 and while this is September news, I can't wait! It's a BOY. He looked great in black and white, and we were thrilled to see his little profile, his beating heart, and all of his perfectly forming organs, fingers and toes. Now begins the name game!

At the end of the month Cannon and I ventured out on our first road trip sans Daddy. We made to it to College Station to visit friends and participate in an activity bag swap (there's a pending blog post about this coming). Cannon was a trooper and enjoyed his first ever kids meal. He completely polished off an entire four-count chicken nugget meal (sub fruit instead of fries) at Chick-fil-a. I figure if I'm going to introduce the child to fast food I might as well start with the good stuff. The trick to surviving a three hour car ride with a one year old: lots of snacks and small toys. The back seat looked like an exploded toy box/pantry by the time we were done as Cannon would throw a toy and I'd just hand him something else but we survived, enjoyed it, and came home with 25 new activity bags to tuck away until little brother shows up in January.

Danny and I celebrated six years of marriage on the 27th. We enjoyed brunch at Breadwinners (in Dallas of course because we just can't resist a visit to the old stomping grounds). We can't believe it's been six years since that hot summer day in Bryan, Texas, and we really can't believe the Lord has given us two kiddos since saying "I do" in that little church.

And that's the Stillers this month.

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