Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fine Motor Skills - Another Toddler Activity

By now you should know of my love of Pinterest. It can spur ideas for toddler activities, give me inspiration for dinner or help me with new photography poses. It's awesome and if you don't already follow me, you should here.

I found an idea for some "fine motor" activities and thought I'd see if Cannon was old enough for them. By golly, he shocked my socks off.

His new favorite things is putting things into bottles! He will sit and put an entire box of clothes pins into that soda bottle. I'm amazing by his concentration and patience.


Again, just trying to capture the curls. I fear their days are short-lived.


People keep telling me I should take Cannon's walker away so that he'll learn to walk for real. Well, I've tried to tell them that that won't work - here's proof. He'll use ANYTHING (chairs, boxes, toy bins, or coffee cans) as walkers.

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