Sunday, September 18, 2011

Matthew's Half Marathon

My brother Matthew ran the first ever Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon and of course we turned out to cheer him on! 

He and Philip are still looking happy and spry here at the one mile mark.

Danny and Cannon passed the time playing with twigs (after downing a couple of Whataburger breakfast taquitos).

Matthew and Philip coming back through looking a little more fatigued but still in good spirits after logging 10 miles . . .

. . . and yes, they are being tailed by the Tutu Twins. I couldn't NOT get that on camera.

We moved locations to catch them at the finish line. Jonathan ran the last three miles with them, and I believe it was at this point that Matthew said his entire body hurt.

But he powered through and finished strong!

Mom, Dad, Adrienne and Mandy were also there, but somehow I didn't grab a group shot. 

Cannon was an all-star cheerer, clapping as each runner passed by.

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