Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our Family This Month (September 2011)

The big news for the month of September was learning that Cannon is going to have a little brother. Two boys running around. I don't think the reality of that will hit for quite a while yet. We are excited that they will be brothers so close in age. And while we are expecting our share of sibling fights, we're also hoping they grow up close.

Danny's been preaching every few weeks on Sunday night at Prairie Creek Baptist Church and we took our anniversary trip to Marble Falls, but other than that, this was a quiet month for us.  Our days were filled with work, play groups, trips to the library, walks in the cooler weather and Sunday afternoon football.

This was my first month trying out Once A Month Cooking (since the South Carolina days - oh how I miss Let's Dish). I made the entire Whole Foods menu from Once a Month Mom and it was such a time saver. One dish was too spicy for Cannon and me, so Danny ate it. And one dish turned out to be a disaster (I should have known not to freeze spinach), but other than that we enjoyed the recipes. I saved time prepping dinner every night and cleaning up as well! This month I teamed up with a friend and we did all of the cooking together, which added to the fun and cut down on the time in the kitchen. Hopefully we'll like the meals as well.

And that's us last month (better late than never right?!).

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