Saturday, October 01, 2011

3-in-30 Sept/Oct

(Nice to be getting my monthly goals onto the blog now that it's almost halfway through the month - huh?! That's what happens when you don't have internet for a week!)

3in30 Challenge

New Goals for October:

  1. Create a control binder with all of our important information in one spot.
    My new system of keeping an item on the 3-in-30 list until I GET IT DONE ALREADY seems to work - so I'm putting it on the list again for this month.
  2. Purchase/make all Christmas presents.
    I may not get every single present finished by Halloween, but I'm going to try my hardest. Waddling around 36 weeks pregnant trying to gather gifts just doesn't sound like it would bring me much holiday cheer!
  3. Clean out office.
    November is going to be finish office, get big boy bed for Cannon and get activity corner ready month - so cleaning out the office is all in preparation for moving my desk from the living room into the office.

September Goals Recap:
  1. Scan the darn papers in the office.
    DONE AND DONE AND DONE! Our file drawers have never looked so pretty!
  2. Print copies of our wills.
    Wills, powers of attorney, etc. have all been signed notarized and filed away. Copies have been given to the parents just in case our oh-so-neat file drawers somehow turn into a wild mess upon our demise.
  3. Create a control binder with all of our important information in one spot.
    Well, two out of three isn't bad this month! This will have to go on the list for this month.

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