Saturday, October 01, 2011

Favorite Links This Month (September 2011)

Delicious Pins:

Passionate Homemaking: Newborn Cloth Diaper Review
She gives a great overview of some of the most popular newborn cloth diapers. This post helped me decided that I'd just rather buy disposable for a few weeks for Baby Boy #2 before putting our one-size cloth diapers on him after he gains a few pounds.

Fimby: My No-Nonsense Strategy for Picky Eaters
I found this post very interesting. And, since I've always been overwhelmed at the thought of having to cut sandwiches into crazy shapes or make animals from three different kinds of vegetables (not that there's anything wrong with that), I found this view refreshing. I would much rather be able to put food out in front of my children and have them eat it!

Mt. Hope Chronicles Life: Classical Conversations
I found this link on Kirby's blog and thought it was a fabulous introduction to Classical Conversations.

Pugly Pixel: Freebie Blog Photo Templates
This is for my photographer and blogging friends - FREE blog templates! What more could your heart want?!

Pinterest Pins:

Wooden Sandbox
I can't decide if Cannon would enjoy a sandbox or a play kitchen more for Christmas!

More Quiet Book Ideas
One of these months I will make Cannon a "quiet book."

Card Catalog Buffet
I'm not even sure where I'd put this - but I think I might just NEED it!

Plate Rack turned Bookshelf
This would be adorable for the boys room.

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