Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Preschool: Pumpkin Month (Week 1)

It's October and that means it's PUMPKIN month in preschool!

This week in preschool our activities included:
  • Reading: pumpkin books
  • Pumpkin Activity: Made pumpkin suncatchers.
  • Sensory Activity: Played with orange and green play dough and shaped it into pumpkins. 
  • Slow & Steady Get Me ReadyWhat Can I Smell?
    Poured a little vanilla extract, lavender, maple extract, onion powder, vinegar, etc. on separate pieces of cotton and allowed the children to sniff and smell each of the liquids.

We hung pieces of pumpkin-shaped contact paper on the window and the idea was for the kids to simply "stick" pieces of tissue paper to the pumpkin.  Let's just say that dumping tissue paper EVERYWHERE was WAY more fun!

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