Tuesday, November 01, 2011

3-in-30 Oct/Nov

3in30 Challenge
November Goals:
  1. Clean out office and rearrange house.
    Danny is blocking off a weekend in November to help me clean out the office, move my desk, and set up Cannon's twin bed.
  2. Create a master cleaning list.
    This will be a list on the fridge outlining which chores I try to get done every day. Hopefully this will help Danny help me around the house, especially after the new baby comes.
  3. Get Christmas cards ready!
    We're getting our family pictures done next week, so after that I'll just need to order photos and organizing the addresses and mailing lists from last year.

October Goals Recap:
  1. Create a control binder with all of our important information in one spot.
  2. Purchase/make all Christmas presents.
    Most gifts are being "handmade" this year, but those that aren't have been ordered and are stashed in my closet. The handmade gifts are coming along nicely and I'm over half-way done. So, this will be a November goal as well, but I feel good about the jumpstart on Christmas!
  3. Clean out office.
    I tried to work on this a few days but was just too tired and overwhelmed.

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