Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Favorite Links This Month (October 2011)

Delicious Bookmarks:

Magic Cabin
This is not more normal bookmark, but I just had to save this link to these adorable, quality and natural children's toys!

Paint the Mood: Why Your Lab Is So Important
I'm a fan of selling disks of images to photography clients. I know that sometimes you just can't be rushed into decided what prints you want to order, sometimes you can't afford the "best quality" prints, or sometimes you just want control of what you do with your photos. But, this blog post is a great example of how you get what you pay for when it comes to your prints. You might just be shocked at the differences!

Passionate Homemaking: Resources for Family Devotions
Looking for family devotional books that are tried and true and Gospel-centered? Look no further.

Passionate Homemaking: Simple Seasonal Family Traditions
I'm loving this blog this month! This is a great list of things to do with the kids each season of the year. Most of them are simple and cheap.

Pinterest Pins:

Nativity Crafts - These are some awesome activities for the holiday season. Somedays I can't WAIT until Cannon gets older. The boy better watch out. I have have been bottling up fun activities since July 8, 2010!

Photographing Baby in the Same Outfit all Year - I think this is what I'm going to do with Baby Boy #2 each week in addition to the different backdrops so we have some frame of reference for how he's growing!

Quiet Books - I've been pinning quiet book pages like crazy in preparation for our quiet book swap next month. This is one of my favorites!

30 Neighbor Christmas Gifts - Looking for a little something to give out to your neighbors this holiday season?

DIY Learning Tower - I somehow JUST NOW learned about this thing called the Learning Tower. I would LOVE to make this for Cannon. Now that he's walking he's always pulling on the counter and loves when I lift him up to see what I'm doing.

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