Monday, November 14, 2011

In love with balloons . . .

Cannon has loved balloons since he could start saying "ba" and pointing. It's made trips to the grocery store quite loud as he seems to find balloons on every aisle, and I have yet to figure out how to teach a 16 month old the concept of "indoor voice." But I suppose there are worse things in life than having everyone know where you located because your child is announcing every balloon he sees.

For the November birthdays (Danny's, Matthew's and mine) Mom bought us these three helium balloons. Well, Cannon might as well have thought they were a gift just for him. He was in heaven . . . for WEEKS! It literally took over a month for those things to wilt and die. And even then, he dragged those poor flat balloons (weights still attached) around the house like a sad little puppy on a string. 

I think he would even dream about them at night because some mornings he woke up saying "BA! BA! BA!" before we could even get him out of the crib. 

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