Monday, November 28, 2011

TinyPrints: Looking for the perfect Christmas card/picture?

I've blogged our family Christmas picture every year. I know, some people think it's silly to send out pictures of yourself, but I LOVE that every year we make it a point to get in front of the camera and get a family photo. I mean, what's more fun than looking back on our first, second, third, fourthfifth and sixth Christmas together? It's also my FAVORITE thing to get photos of our friends in the mail.

This year I'm ordering our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints Holiday Collection. I've been sifting through my favorite cards every day trying to narrow it down to the ONE that we'll send out this year. Since I can't show you my favorite . . . yet . . . I'll just show you a few of the unique designs they have.

They have circle cards - which can then double as ornaments.

Or cards with a design on the front and back.
They also have flat cards, folded cards, post cards and tri-fold cards. The options really are endless and there's a style to fit everyone.

You can check out their entire Christmas card selection online and find your favorite today!

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