Sunday, December 18, 2011

And We Have a Winner in the Baby Name Game

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Cason Reed Stiller

Well, we took over 37 weeks to pick Cannon's name - so my goal with this second child was to choose a name by 36 weeks. We beat our deadline and settled on Cason Reed at 35 weeks - WHEW!

I originally threw out the name "Cason" on a whim while reading a list of baby boy names. I had been avoiding "C" names in the baby name books, but for some reason Cason just jumped out at me.

Danny just started laughing and asked if I knew what a Caisson was? Of course not.

So, I had to look it up.

A caisson holds ammunition - what an ironic name to like after naming my first son Cannon. Apparently I have a "thing" for guns and ammo that I didn't even realize existed. But also what a perfect little pair for a set of brothers that we hope will be inseparable and the best of friends.

(Side Note: We pronounce Cason like it rhymes with Jason or Mason. We do NOT pronounce it like the ammunition holder. :-)

Well, I was hesitant to settle on the name Cason for multiple reasons:

  • I didn't want to start a gun theme that we'd have to continue
  • I wasn't sure I was ready to commit to all "C" names for our children. 
Well, Danny assures me that we don't have to choose a "C" name if there's a Stiller Baby #3 in our future, and Cason just kind of stuck ever since that first fateful mentions. So, Cason it is.

This is after my maiden name: Reeder. We knew this would be the middle name no matter what, boy or girl.

And there you have it. After months of deliberation the Stiller boy has a name.

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