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How to Make a Quiet Book: Cloth Doll

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How to Make a Cloth Doll
Quiet Book Page


  • Sheet of green, brown, yellow, orange, cream, & light blue felt
  • Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra Firm Stablizer {cut into an 8.5x10in page}
  • One black & one white embroidery floss skeins
  • Red, green and White thread
  • Scissors, ink pen, straight pins, embroidery needle,  & rotary cutter, guide and mat {optional}
  • The above template

I loved Sugar Bee Crafts doll page with matching clothes line. I used this page as my main inspiration. Because my page was smaller, I opted for one doll and decided to add hair to make the doll a boy or girl. You can find the cloth doll template here.

Page Assembly:

1. Begin by cutting your stabilizer and sheet of blue felt down to 8.5x10in.

2. Next, using the template, cut out the doll from the cream felt, the center of the sun from the yellow felt, the outer sun from the orange sun, and the two hair styles from the brown felt. 

3. Using the green felt, cut a wavy pattern {to symbolize grassy hills} with the peeks around 2.5in and the valleys around 1in. 

4. Pin the grass to the bottom of the blue sheet of felt and sew all around as close to the edge as you can.

5. Now pin the sun to the right corner 1in down from the top and 1in in from the right edge. Stitch a swirl pattern using the red thread. {The best way to do this is to start stitching around the edge. When you are almost to the beginning of your stitch, turn in and use that line as your new edge. Do this until you get tight in the center.}

6. Take the doll you cut out of the cream and center it about 1in about the bottom margin. Pin it down and sew as close to the edge as you can. 

7. Now you are ready to add the face! Take a pen and lightly sketch on eyes and a mouth to the head of the doll. Using the black floss and embroidery needle, stitch on the eyes and mouth.

8. Take the blue felt, pin it to the stabilizer and sew around the entire edge as close as you can. 

9. To finish the hair, cut 2 pieces of white floss 5.5in each. Use the floss pieces as ribbons and tie them in bows around the girls hair. The felt will cling to felt so you can "stick them to the side of the page, use sticky velcro dots, or simply put them in the clothing basket on the next page! 

10. Enjoy!!

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