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How to Make a Quiet Book: Tent & Sleeping Bag Zippers

About Alissa:
My name is Alissa.  My husband and I have one daughter who is 15 months old.  She is the best little baby!  I’m a little biased, but I think its ok since I’m her Mom!  My hobbies have gone to the wayside since I had the baby, but I normally love running, camping/hiking, and reading.  I also like paper crafting, photography, and quilting.  I am new to the quiet book world, but there are some really great ideas out there!  I was so excited to be able to give it a try. 

How to Create the Tent & Sleeping Bag Zippers 
Quiet Book Page

Etsy (K and C supplies):
  • 25 5 inch zippers in multiple colors
  • 25 4 inch zippers in multiple colors
Hobby Lobby:
  • 3 sheets stiffened gray felt 
  • 2 sheets stiffened black felt
  • 1 sheet each stiffened baby blue, yellow, and red felt
JoAnn’s Fabrics:
  • 2.5 yards Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra Firm Stabilizer (cut into 8.5X10in pages)
  • 1.5 yards blue felt for background
  • Dark blue thread
  • Light Blue and yellow thread
On Hand:
  • Air erasable fabric pen
  • White chalk pencil
  • Quilting basting tape
  • Red, Black, White, and Gray thread
  • Heat embosser
  • Paper cutter
  • Rotary cutter and board
  • Sewing machine

I got my idea from the K Leigh Ford Blog and modified it.  I love her ideas, but didn’t think I could do all the details in time for the swap.  So I simplified it a little.  I did add a zipper on the inside sleeping bag for a little more fun for the kids.  I would have loved to have added stars in the sky and a little bear inside the sleeping bag!  

My Mom and husband helped guide me along the way since I had never done this before.  The baby even got to help test it out.  She opened the tent without a problem.  I have to say that I saw the coolest zipper page on the Imagine Our Life Blog, but with my limited skills, I definitely didn’t want to take that one on in a month.  

Page Assembly:

1. Cut pellon pages (8.5x10 inch) with a rotary cutter.

2. Cut the blue felt a little larger than the pellon (9X10.25 inch) with the rotary cutter.  Center the pellon on the blue felt square and pin.  Sew together with the pellon side facing up leaving a 1/8” edge.  We used white thread on top with dark blue bobbin thread.  

This is how the background looks when you sew it before you trim it. 

3. Once the background is sewn, turn the page pellon side up and use a straight edge and rotary cutter to cut a smooth edge.  I left about a 1/16th inch overlap of blue felt so the background would fully cover the pellon. 

4. I hand drew the tent and used the paper cutter to make the sleeping bag template.  The templates and measurements can be downloaded as a pdf here.  

5.  Trace and cut all of the tents and sleeping bags.  (It may be easier to use the measurements and a paper cutter for the sleeping bags.  I did trace the zipper area on the sleeping bags though.)  I used the chalk pencil to trace and cut around the lines to get rid of the chalk. 

6. Cut the zippers to the right length and heat seal the edges using an embosser.  Use 5 inch zippers for the tents and 4 inch zippers for the sleeping bags.  I measured the zippers each time making the metal stop reach the top of the space on the tent and sleeping bag.

7.  Sew the 4 inch zippers to the sleeping bags and 5 inch zippers to the tents.  Rather than use pins to hold the pieces together, we used basting tape.  (Make sure not to sew through the tape, the needle gets too sticky.)  I used a small piece of basting tape at the end of the zipper.  

8. Sew the sleeping bags to the background piece.  I eyeballed the spacing, but you can see measurements here:   We used matching thread for the top thread and white bobbin thread to leave the back of the page plain and white.  It was easiest to sew both sleeping bag pieces at once.  In order from top to bottom: top sleeping bag piece with zipper sewn in, bottom of sleeping bag, dark blue felt, and pellon (already sewn to blue felt).  I used basting tape again to keep the bottom of the sleeping bag from slipping sideways. 

Note that the sleeping bag is a little off center to allow easier access to the zipper when it is under the tent. 

8. Sew the tent over the sleeping bag.  I eyeballed this as well, but you can use the measurements here: Basting tape helped stabilize the tent while sewing.

9.  Cut and sew the moon to the background.  (For the template, click here: )  Your zipper page is complete! 

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