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How to Make a Quiet Book: Button Flowers

About Vanessa:
I am Vanessa, married to Will, and mother to Karis (18 months) and baby no. 2 (April 2012).  We currently live in Oxford, England, after living in Cambridge for three years.  My husband works as a biblical studies scholar and teaches at the University of Oxford. I recently ‘retired’ and will be staying home full-time with my daughter.  I love to sew clothes for my daughter and also enjoy traveling throughout Europe.  Originally from Dallas, I was thrilled to be able to participate in this swap while spending 3 weeks home for the holidays.  I pretty much rely on Pinterest for inspiration- but some of my favorite blogs are Sewing in No Man’s Land, Grosgrain Fabulous, Making It Lovely, and Little Birdie Secrets. I am not incredibly crafty, but love to work with fabric and a needle!


  • 2.5 yards of Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra Firm Stablizer (cut into 8.5x10in pages)
  • 5 sheets of green stiffened felt, cut into 3”x10” pieces (each sheet leads to 4 rectangles)
  • 80 wool blend felt flower die-cuts in varying colors and shapes ( 3”, 2”, 1.5” diameters)
  • 3 (yes three!) spools of green thread
  • Various other threads
  • Sewing machine that can do button holes and ‘vine stitches’
  • Buttons in three different sizes (80 total)
I mostly relied on Pinterest for examples. There are a lot of different variations of this page- but I decided to use four different flowers growing from the grass (as opposed to pot planted flowers). I thought this would be more natural and whimsical. I also thought it would help use the white space of the pellon better. 

Page Assembly:
  1. After cutting the pellon into 8.5”x10” pages, I stitched a green rectangle of stiffened felt (3”x10”) on the bottom border only. Doing this first will serve as a guide to using the white space.
  2. Using the button hole feature on my machine, I sewed button-holes on each of the 80 flowers. Afterwards, carefully cut the slit for each flower and trim threads
  3. Next, using a pencil, I marked where I wanted each button/flower to be placed.  Using my pencil, I traced down from that point to below where the green felt would lie (remember, this is not stitched on the sides or top yet) with light pencil marks.
  4. Using a wide and thick stitch, I sewed the pencil marked lines for each flower stem.
  5. Next, I sewed on the buttons to the original pencil marked point. Be sure to double your thread and to use a loose stitch so that the thick felt flower can fit behind the button. Also, it will be easier for children to unbutton the flower if the button is loosely applied.
  6. Finish sewing the sides and top of the green ‘grass’ felt.  Stitch ½ inch from the top of the felt to leave room to trim grass blades.
  7. Once the grass has been stitched, using scissors, cut blades into the felt.
  8. Button the flowers on the buttons... and Enjoy!

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