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How to Make a Quiet Book: Seasons Tree


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How to Make the Seasons Tree 
Quiet Book Page


Supplies (for 20 pages)

  • 2.5 yards of Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra Firm Stablizer (cut into 8.5x10in pages)
  • 2 yards of brown felt (which was plenty, its on the large bolts)
  • green thread to match green felt 
  • 2.5 yards of Wonder Under
  • Air erasable fabric pen (wonderful invention!) 
Hobby Lobby:
  • 4 packages of white sticky Velcro dots (75 per pack)
  • Stiffened felt: green (6), orange (4), red (4), yellow (4)
  • Soft felt: pink (6) (only because I couldn't find stiffened pink felt)
  • 3 packages of clear sticky Velcro dots (because I couldn't find the clear at Hobby Lobby)

I loved Serving Pink Lemonade's Season Quiet page. I made a few modifications because she was making two books and obviously I was making 20. She used snaps on her page which I thought was an awesome variation but wasn't able to do because of resources and time, 400 snaps would have been alot of sewing! I ended up using clear velcro for the tree part (that shows in the winter) and white velcro on the back of all the pieces. I also used my own templates for the pieces and added apples with the summer leaves. 

Page Assembly:


1. Cut Pellon pages to size (8.5x10 inch pages) with rotary cutter
{ignore my green sewing lines, I forgot to take this until the end}


2. I enlarged tree pattern from Serving Pink Lemonade to best fill our page


3. Trace tree pattern on smooth side of Wonder Under


4. Cut around tree and iron onto brown felt

5. Cut out trees (very carefully)

6. Peel off Wonder Under and iron trees on pellon pages


7. Make template for grass


8. Cut out grass pieces of hard green felt (I cut them into 3 inch strips since the width was 8.5 and then went back and cut the "hill" part)

9. Make templates for pieces

10. Trace pieces (with air erasable marker) on felt and cut out (I did 5 pieces per season like the example)


11. Stick white (fuzzy side) of velcro on all pieces


12. Stick 5 clear velcro dots (rough side) on tree 


13. Sew on grass using green thread


14. Put one season's pieces on the tree and the rest in the pocket


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