Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cannon at 17 Months

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(I'm stealing Chelsea's organized little method of reporting on her son each month. So, instead of just random paragraphs, you get categories!)

Cannon's wearing mostly 18 months and 24 months clothing these days, although 24 months pants and long sleeves do need to be rolled up a little bit. He's pretty much in 24 month pjs just because I buy those big to last, and his shoe size is still a 6.

He was doing GREAT taking one nap a day from around 12:30 - 3:30 pm for about a week. Other than that we've waffled between two short naps a day, one short nap a day and lots of fussiness. I'm a little bit at a loss for what to do.

All fruit gets consumed quickly and first thing, as do carbs/starches. Cannon's a little more hesitant when it comes to eating veggies. He'll mostly eat peas, carrots and green beans but won't touch asparagus or broccoli. Meat is much more difficult to get him to try. He'll attempt chicken but avoids any kind of beef, so I usually get him protein through eggs and black beans.

Cannon started signing and nodding "yes." He also will shake his head "no" although he has yet to say "no" (which is nice!). He's still repeating everything we say and words that he likes (ie: shoes, apple, snack) are becoming more and more clear to understand. (See complete list of signs/words below.)

New Tricks:
Cannon's getting better at finding me to ask for help instead of just getting frustrated and yelling. He'll often come running down the hall saying "mamamamama" and then lead me to what he wants and nod vigorously when I ask him if he needs help or wants something. I'm loving that he's communicating so much more!

13 total! Cannon started cutting one of his bottom eye teeth this month, so he's working on a little mouthful.

Cannon LOVES his Blue Bunny. He asks for him for every nap and bedtime, when he hurts himself, and occasionally just to join him in playing. You can tell Cannon to give Blue Bunny a bite and he'll try to feed him with the spoon. It's very cute. 

He doesn't like to share or be told "no." If he's at all tired he'll yell and sometimes "swat/hit" at you in frustration. We're working on this. :-)

Cannon also doesn't love my frequent visits to the birthing center. He'll sit in my lap or next to me the entire time and most often cry when I'm laying down to hear Cason's heartbeat.

Cannon's Signs:
  • more (2/18/11)
  • milk (4/12/11)
  • all done (7/4/11)
  • eat (7/31/11)
  • help (9/23/11)
  • hurt (9/24/11)
  • dog (9/30/11)
  • thank you (10/4/11)
  • water (10/21/11)
  • ball (10/27/11)
  • shoes (10/27/11)
  • socks (10/28/11)
  • diaper (11/2/11)
  • dada (11/7/11)
  • mama (11/8/11)
  • sleepy (11/8/11)
  • up
  • down
  • bird
  • fish
  • banana
  • hat
  • drink
  • yes (12/1/11)
Cannon's Words:
  • mama (4/16/11)
  • dada
  • ball (ba)
  • bird (bi)
  • balloon (ba)
  • more (moooore)
  • down (doon)
  • hot (ha - 11/1/11)
  • blue bunn (boo boo)
  • bacon (bubu - 11/13/11)
  • bless you (ba boo - 11/3/11)
  • water (wa wa - 12/13/11)

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