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How to Make a Quiet Book: Mailbox

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How to Make the Mailbox
Quiet Book Page 


  • 2 yards of Pellon Peltax 70 Ultra Firm Stablizer (cut into 8.5 x 10 in pages)
  • 2 yards of  blue felt (for back ground- optional) cut these into 8.5 x 10 in as well
  • I bought the mailbox felt pattern (animal print) in sheets of 8 x 11 in, so I am not sure about how many yards. But I bought 10 sheets of the felt  and cut out 2 mailboxes per page. Then I used 2 additional sheets to trace the 20 mailbox lids.
  • 1.5 yards of green felt for the grass.
  • stiffened felt: red (2 sheets), yellow (3 sheets), brown (4 sheets), blue ( 2 sheets)


I used Serving Pink Lemonade’s mailbox template and I also got my idea from the Cutesty Crafts blog as well, but added some of my own style in there (the flower and the patterened mailbox).

Page Assembly: 

1. Cut Pellon and blue felt to 8.5 x 10 inches.

2. Sew pellon and felt pages together.

3. Make templates. I used the Serving Lemonade template and then made my own templates for the post, grass, flower, and the center of the flower in proportion to the mailbox and size of the page itself.

4. Trace all the templates on the felt and cut out.

5. First sew on the mailbox post. Not directly in the center, but more to the left.

6.     Next sew on the grass.

7. Sew on the flower. I sewed each individual petal to ensure it was securely on there and not coming off!

8. I hand sewed the blue middle of the flower.

9. Here is the final product again. After the flower, I sewed on the mailbox without the lid. I didn’t get a picture of the lid opening, but don’t sew the inside of the mailbox opening so that you can put mail actually inside of it. Here is an example

10. After that, sew the bottom part of the mailbox lid on.

11. Finally, I sewed on the red flag onto the mailbox by hand, and it actually moves up and down.

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